Rejected Ads

Ads that will not be accepted is a professional Classified website that intends to let people sell or buy stuff online. We understand that there are millions of services online, however, we will not be able to promote services such as: 

  1. Abortion pills/treatment or anything associated with that. 
  2. Traditional Healers 
  3. Penis Enlargement Products cannot be promoted on 
  4. Some Unrecognized products such as those used as Skin Products, Unknown energy drinks, read more on Unregistered Products
  5. Porn is 100% not allowed on our website, 
  6. We will add a Community section, like a dating section of the website, however, no nudes will be accepted.
  7. Do not use abusive language
  8. Duplicate ads will not be accepted.


  1. When there isn't enough description, your ads may be rejected
  2. When the title doesn't match the description, your ads may be rejected


  1. Please ensure that you categorize your products correctly
  2. Sometimes we may help you recategorize, however, we may not accept ads that have been wrongly categorized